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"There was one famous student, while training, a part of their brain shut down completely. They lost the ability to speak after the accident, and so everyone calls him Silence. Ironically, following their brain damage, their battle capabilities increased exponentially. He's a special case study."


Kijo threw remnants of the broken plane with his telekinetic power. It hit the werewolf square on its head. The werewolf's head got pushed back a bit, its eyes flashing red and seeming more determined to hunt down Kijo.


Squad 13 worked together to isolate Simon. They didn't take the bait to fight head on, and continued to escape. They used the columns to escape to work up Simon's anger before Squad 3 commenced their attack.


He wore a bitter expression. He would not be able to get a good night's rest for a long while. He would not be able to forget the first person he killed for the rest of his life.


He would abruptly change his stance and stab his spear forward. The direction of the attack tangented to a different direction. While trying to make sense of the erratic attack, Jose allowed an attack to land on his face.


Laocha's enthusiasm seemed to burn fervently. One could feel the aura of the strong from the man. There was a difference between those who were self-proclaimed strong and those who were actually strong.

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Kato's hands shook with anger. The battle was ending up above. Once squad 7 lost all their airbeats, they had no hope to win. The remaining squad members who couldn't move at all on top of the wooden pillars volunteered to give up.


Kijo groaned. His whole body ached. He had overtaxed his muscles unknowingly.


Uri Geller of the 20th century had publicized his skills for bending spoons and had become a world renowned psyker.


It was highly probable that the two would be transferred with the next batch of transfer students.


If you observed him for awhile, you'd see that he was always eating something. He continued to stuff chocolates or potato chips into his mouth while walking.


He didn't hide his hostility for the other in the least. Kijo looked down on Kuro while raising his voice gradually.


In the latest committee meeting, the situation had been looked at with much pessimism and negative opinions. A fourth of the Ark second years had died.



"Everyone will be looking down on us. They will call us traitors and dregs. Let them talk all they want. Nothing will come of protesting. We will show them through results. We will make everyone regret not joining squad 13 when they had the chance."



However, Kuro had felt some kind of danger looming over them at this moment. Kuro had never been wrong. Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


The thought passed Kijo's mind, but he erased it from his mind. He was also a youth of Ark. The training he had received from Ark did not allow such cowardly behaviour.


Canute asked again. He had fainted during the squad battle. He was having a hard time believing that they had won after awakening.

  • Sweat rolled and dripped from his hair. Cool wind blew past drying his sweat.
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