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-Ark has a global population. The menu was created with everyone's personal taste in mind. Are you Chinese? We have Chinese food as well.


The teacher continued to explain the timeline of the First Wave of Aggression. Acquired psykers gradually made their appearance. In the end, they were able to hang on with great effort and kill the dragon, just narrowly keeping their lives.


Han heard Kijo mumbling. Kijo had his hand against the window while looking down across the land. His eyes didn't seem to reflect his usual slyness. He seemed like a young child who simply missed his homeland.


'This is concerning. This isn't a good place for us.' Schwartz looked to Han. Han's mental state wasn't good for everyone right now. He's withstanding with the squad well right now, but after everything was over this place would probably become a very traumatic memory.


The Chinese researchers dressed in white appeared from behind the Chinese soldiers. It seemed the soldiers had been forced to come here by the researchers.


Kuro covered his mouth and spoke. He swallowed back the contents that were daring to come up. Han, who had been running next to Kuro, pushed his back.

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The screen projected someone who looked no different than humans. It was just that their ears were pointed, their bodies skinny, and the sclera of their eyes had no irises to them.


However, humanity had no choice. Though Psykers had unique powers, physical strength was also required to use them. It was impossible to fight a war in a child's body.


'Sergeant Red suffered a serious injury because of me. He lost his right leg.'


'The only thing I can be better at than others would be my fine control of telekinesis.'


"I don't care if you get hurt, Corporal Laocha." Han said while taking off his shirt. Han wasn't the type to depend on psychic powers to fight in battle. He continued to train his physical body every single day without a day of break.


'He was probably originally a very sentimental and considerate person. His personality type strongly cares for those around himself. He's used to shouldering heavy burdens for others. He experienced losing his family and close friends early on, so he has a tendency to obsess over every detail. He will use that mental prowess to identify his foes and block off all emotional attachments to protect his clique. He has a strong will to protect himself and his group from outside forces.'


Silence had wasted his energy too much while they withdrew. He didn't rest at all and consecutively used it many times. If Silence had not done so, they would not have been able to escape from the enemy.



From time to time, it would let its laughter echo across the corridor. A space which has been blockaded, an enemy who remained hidden, and the thick smell of rotting human blood. Usual soldiers would become mentally broken by this time, but the eyes of the squad held clarity and strength.



Jose seemed to be an expert at footwork. His soccer skills were exceptional. His latin blood seemed to boil with passion for the sport.


'All skills are bound to have a weakness of some sort. A concept such as perfection or an invincible power does not exist. We simply try to perfect it to the best of our ability.'


A huge smile spread upon Octo's greasy face. He let Han freely pilot the psychoframe for the remaining period of time. Han freely piloted his psychoframe. He wasn't yet accustomed to it, and clumsily tumbled around many times.

  • Han understood his promotion had been decided after much discussion. The first years stared toward Han.
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