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There was an explosion. Schwartz was thrown back by the force of the explosion. He threw off his battle gear which was burnt into black charcoal. Thanks to his physical strength reinforcement skill, he didn't suffer critical injuries.


The color of their psychic energy would change according to the mental imagery of their power. Those with the power of ignition commonly glowed with red light.


"My psychic skills are nonexistent. If I don't show them good results in other subjects, it's impossible for me to become promoted. I can't do things in your way."


Han no longer had any thoughts on accepting additional members. After Squad 13 had made a name for themselves with consecutive victories, he received many transfer requests, but he ignored them all.


Sergeant Red called for Han separately before starting their tactical meeting. He had also met with Silence and Simon separately beforehand. Han had been the last. Sergeant Red was inside a room filled with thick smoke. A thick, musty smell wafted from the room despite the air vent spinning in the corner of the room's ceiling.


Han said, ending their last game. Kuro looked downcast for losing all his snacks. Han looked at Kuro's forlorn back. Kijo stopped Kuro by holding onto the other's shoulder.

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Han was finally able to understand why Jose had such a relaxed, my-pace air about him. Jose never let himself stand out from the crowd. He always did things averagely.


Han saluted. Sergeant Red returned a brief salute before he left. His back figure gradually became smaller as time passed.


Han's heart pounded. He didn't know that he would get to pilot a psychoframe so quickly. He listened to Octo's explanations as he fully equipped Oldman. He had to equip and secure each body part one by one.


Han did not have a deep understanding of the outside world. The little information that he had was only his street smarts. Everything else was only the ideals that Ark had lectured them about.


The drill instructors were monitoring every student. The data bracelets worn by students acted as a GPS and constantly monitored their basic health statistics.


His squad members began to shout. Han looked to where the drill instructors stood.


However, following the Second Wave of Aggression, countries around the world continued to scheme while calculating these psykers into their war plans.



Han's eyes grew wide. It was rare for a third year to be dubbed a squad leader. The only times a third year would be made a squad leader was for formal diplomatic events and only the experienced third years would be deployed. It was an unprecedented event for a new transfer like Han to become a squad leader. It conveyed how urgent the situation was.



Han was able to return to Squad 13 after a week's time. Kijo and Canute were still rehabilitating in the hospital while a majority of the squad members had already returned to their normal lives. The squad battles were on hiatus, but the lectures and training drills continued.


Han offered a handshake to his squad and apologized. Han and Kuro gradually adjusted to their squad as they trained together. Han and Kuro's difference in skill was too great.


This wasn't the exact order of the battle plan, but at the same time it was. Canute opened fire with the enemy forces to distract them.

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